muse /mju:z/


To muse

:   means to consider something thoughtfully.


A muse

:   a person or mythical entity, who is the source of artistic inspiration.



Throughout my entire career I have been a Muser

It has been my good fortune to work as top executive in the music industry for many years, and later as a manager for a number of top artists. This is the reason why my company is called ’Muser’. I currently channel my talent and experience into the tech business, and am proud to claim to be a 3-time founder of tech start-ups. My approach to this type of business project has, however, remained the same. For me, it’s all about inspiring people with talent. My aim has always been to combine and utilize the unique and individual talent of each star player - and turn this into a business opportunity — which will ultimately make a difference to the end user. On a personal level my greatest passion is to turn an ’idea’ into a large scale international success.

That is why I only invest in projects with truly talented people.

I simply love to participate in the process of transforming true potential into an ultimate success, and I draw on both my personal hands-on experience and my large business (and personal) network, to do so. My main focus is startup companies, and if the projects have a music or entertainment angle - well, I don’t mind at all.


2014 -

Co-founder - PingTank Inc.

2012 -

CEO Anywear ApS - 3rd time start-up and founder (Mobile first e-commerce for 2nd hand fashion clothes)

2011 -

Co-owner - Statisten (Online casting agency)

2008 -

Board member - ArtFREQ - Radical High Culture

2008 - 2012

Board member - The Royal Danish Theatre

2008 -

2nd time start-up and founder (High-end Drupal web agency).
Chairman of the board

2008 - 2014

Founder & CEO - Paludan Entertainment (Artist management)

2006 - 2007

(Independent organization distributing funds from TV and radio broadcasting).
Board member: 2006 Chairman: 2007

2005 - 2007

Music Export Denmark. Board member

1995 - 2004

GDC - (The Danish record companies’ cooperative distribution company).
Board member: 1995 - 2002 Chairman: 2002 - 2004

1999 - 2007

IFPI Denmark (Organization representing the recording industry worldwide).
Board member: 1999 - 2005 Chairman: 2005-2007

1994 - 2007

CEO at Universal Music Denmark

1990 - 1994

Marketing Manager at MIX Magazine



1988 - 1990

Student job in marketing at “Vi Unge” (bestselling Danish teenage magazine)


1st time start-up and co-founder (during my student years) “The AV-Handbook”